Our Pizza



We make our dough on site using 4 ingredients (00 flour, Yorkshire water, salt and yeast).  We let the dough prove for a minimum of 48 hours to create a soft, light, easy to digest pizza. The dough is then hand stretched and cooked in our wood fired oven for 60-90 seconds.


We use San Marzano tomatoes which are grown in the Agro-Nocerino area of Campania, Italy. They grow in the rich volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius which gives them a sweet flavour and low acidity. They have been designated as the only tomato variety that can be used for Vera Pizza Napoletana, the genuine Neapolitan pizza.


Our Fior di Latte originates from the Southern Apennines region of Campania in Italy close to Naples. Fior di latte di Agerola is very revered in Campania due to the esteemed Agerolese breed of cow of which the milk is used in the production of the cheese.

We make proper Neapolitan pizza. 


To be true Neapolitan style pizza it must be cooked for 60–90 seconds at 485°C in a wood fired oven. When cooked, it's soft, elastic, tender and fragrant.